Characters From Nightmarish Reality

A list of the characters from the series. Some of them may have links with more information and pictures. Still a WORK IN PROGRESS...

Main Characters:

Zander Russell - Son
Caroline Russell - Mother of Zander & Isa
Isadora (Isa) - Daughter


Ikeda Cortes
Stephan Fairbanks
Rue Chang

Secondary Characters:

Samuel Gates
Lathyrus Devon Fisher (a.k.a. Slim)
Vicky Taylor Jordan
Alejandro Pedro Gonzales
Maliki Flower Sheppard

Teachers & School Officials:

Miss Abigail (Geography)
Principal Marie
Miss Diaz
Assist. Principal Thomas
Mrs. Crandell (5th Grade)
Mrs. Cameron (Economics)
Mr. Frederick (Science & Biology)
Mrs. Phoebe (English)
Coach Todd (P.E.)
Miss Odelia (Language Arts)
Mr. Royadie (Math)

Minor Characters:

Kevin Lennox
Shawn Weller
Emiko Swan
Jeff Peterson (Cameraman)
Nosh (Micco)
Jefferson (Caroline’s Boss)
Mrs. Kurtman
Dr. Cleon

Students & School Bullies:

Billy Slate
Philip Brigham
Winston Brigham
Ronin Wolf
Clyde Napier
Jay Connell
Christopher (Chris) - Childhood Friend of Zander
Amita Hadrian

Detectives & Cops:

Casey Matthews
Alex Spade
Chief Davis
Harrison Watson
Sheriff Hefner