The War Between The Divide - Chapter 2

A young pianist finds himself trapped in Ukraine, with no means to escape nor survive. As the war rages on, he will be forced to make difficult life and death choices. When he encounters a Russian soldier, everything he's ever known changes and he soon realizes that the enemy on the other side is not the real threat.



5/5/2022 5 min read

No Escape From Hell

Note - This is a free-style writing. Grammar and spelling may not be up to par, since I’m trying to get in the habit of writing again. In addition, none of these events are factual correct. This is just a fictional story that somewhat deals with the Ukraine/Russia Crisis. None of these characters are real and none of these events are real either. Please, don’t ask me about any mainstream news outlets because I don’t watch any of them.


I heard the airplanes above and I instantly ran to my window to see what was going on outside. That was a big mistake on my part, because as soon as I did that the bombs started falling from the sky. The sound was deafening as the explosions went off. The office building next to my apartment complex ignited into flames, collapsing all together. It fell like a stack of cards. It happened so fast I didn’t know exactly if this was real or not.

In an instant, it was gone. Just a flash of light and it combusted into rumble. I didn’t know if anyone was still in there, but fear swept through me in that very moment. It was a cold shiver that ran up my spine and it would never leave me. My body felt numb and I was still unable to comprehend how quick things had changed, literally overnight.

My life was over now. There would be no trip overseas to study abroad. No candlelight dinners. No resemblance of a normal life previous to this. There would be no going back from here. How could I escape this situation?

There were screams and yelling coming from next door. The neighbors were scrambling to pack their bags and leave as soon as possible. The sirens of several fire trucks, police, and ambulances were all around me. The entire ground shook beneath me and I stumbled backwards on the floor with a loud thud. Another building had been struck.

Luckily, my apartment was spared, but for how long would that last?

I was only eighteen and clueless as to how I could possibly survive out there. I had never been to the army. Had never held a gun in my life. I didn’t even know self-defense. Would the planes come back and finish the job, nuking my complex out of existence?

I’ll be dead, if I stay here any longer...

All I had were the clothes on my back, which were still drenched in water and sweat. I ran out the front door. I didn’t have time to carry suitcases and luggage. There was no time to really think, just act out on adrenaline rush and pure survival instinct.

It wasn’t long before I got downstairs that I saw the true horrors before me. Women and children were crying as they were forced to evacuate the premises. I saw babies being carried out with their mothers, who had just a single suitcase in hand. That was all they could carry.

Police were directing traffic and people away from the debris and rubble of the fallen buildings, trying to make sure they stayed far away from them.

One girl was screaming out in hysteria that her father was still trapped in the office building, but the police kept her at bay, so that the firefighters could at least put out the fires. She was begging them to save her father, and yet they wouldn’t lift a finger to help her. They kept telling her to get away and to go to the Border, so she could go to Poland.

The blondie girl wasn’t listening to them and she suddenly dropped to her knees, crying out in such anguish. She would never leave her father’s side.

Tears fell from my eyes, seeing her tormented soul. We couldn’t escape our fates and there was no way we could save our loved ones. I walked up to the poor girl and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, listen to me,” I said, lifting her chin. “I’ll stay here and see if your old man makes it out. But you can’t stay here. Go to the Border.”

“I CAN’T LEAVE MY FATHER! HE NEEDS ME!” Her tearstained face was covered in dirt and grime. Her hair and clothes were covered in soot and she couldn’t stop crying hysterically.

I basically had to pick her up off the ground and carry her around. I took her to one of the ambulances and placed her beside one of the EMTs. They escorted her inside the vehicle, seeing as she was too distraught to even save her own damn life.

They asked me if I knew this girl and I silently shook my head. I moved away from them and they closed the door, even though she was trying to escape and run out to see if her father had made it. Of course, we all knew that there was a slim chance of him being alive. It would be a miracle if he had survived, but seeing as he wasn’t outside greeting his daughter made the reality of the situation even more dire.

This was the real world... some of us won’t make it out alive.

As cruel as that may be, that was the truth. Not all of us will make it out in one piece, if at all. You had to pray to God that you could make it one more day.

Walking in the streets, I began to wonder if I could make it to the Border. Maybe I could hitch a ride somewhere and they could drive me there, so I wouldn’t have to trek for miles. I didn’t know exactly how far it was or how many hours it would take to get there. All I knew was I had to follow everybody else, who was evacuating, since most of the roads were blocked with concrete debris. It would take weeks or possibly months for any cleanup crews to remove them and repair all the damages to streetlights, sidewalks, buildings, and more.

I didn’t even have my cellphone on me, so I couldn’t even call for help even if I wanted to. I had forgotten about it in the confusion and chaos of the bombing. Besides, who would I call? The only contact listed was father. My mother had died years ago from Stage Four Breast Cancer. I didn’t have any other siblings. It was just me and my father... now it’s just me. Alone. With no means of getting any money and no means of transportation.

I didn’t have a car and I didn’t have a checking account. My father paid for everything, using his credit card but he kept me on a tight leash, so I didn’t know much about the world around me. He kept me sheltered and isolated, like a prized caged bird. I was his little prodigy. I’d play music for him on the piano whenever he came home to visit me, and he was always pleased with my progress, but nothing else.

I learned nothing new... no survival tips, no budgeting, no knife skills, no gun skills. I was at the mercy of the outside world. Lost, confused, hungry, and with no way out.

In the back of my mind, I thought about the past wars my father had told me about... and the nightmarish stories of what ordinary people did to one another. Humans against humans. Brothers against brothers.

“You will do things you couldn’t possibly imagine...even if you’re a good person at heart, Andriy, you may have to sell your body and soul to the devil,” my father’s voice echoed loudly in my ears.

Even more so, my father’s words haunted me as I tried to find a way to reach the Border.

Is it true that I may end up doing horrible and disgusting things... just to survive? The fear of the unknown scared me more than ever.

This was a new and brutal way of life that I could never have foreseen happening at all, in my lifetime. Would the Russian army invade us? Would everything change from then on? A new government? A new regime? My life had been turned upside down.

But everything was changing right now. This very minute. This second. I was living in it. This wasn’t some movie. This was a living nightmare that never seemed to end.

Written and copyrighted © 2022 by W.D. Lady